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Hi, my name is José Albornoz. I like photography and programming. Welcome to my photography blog.

Grew up in Chile, but now I'm living in Canada.
Among other things, I like travelling and documenting stories through photography.

Since I'm typically the one taking pictures, I thought this would be an appropriate place for pictures of me.

/about/IMG_0293.jpg /about/IMG_0293.jpg

Taken by Thomas Wang
/about/DSC_7891.jpg /about/DSC_7891.jpg
For Eurucamp

Taken by Dajana Gunther
/about/DSC_0699.jpg /about/DSC_0699.jpg
Picture with my brother

Taken by Florencia Rodriguez
/about/DSC_8188.jpg /about/DSC_8188.jpg
The city was so boring!

Taken by Semeli Danielidi
/about/DSC_1716.jpg /about/DSC_1716.jpg
Con Leo

Taken by José Albornoz
/about/DSC_2664.jpg /about/DSC_2664.jpg
In San Pedro de Atacama. Single exposure.

Taken by José Albornoz
/about/DSC_7029.jpg /about/DSC_7029.jpg
In Lily's eye

Taken by José Albornoz
/about/DSC_1584.jpg /about/DSC_1584.jpg
Sometimes less is more

Taken by Malwine
/about/IMG_1811.jpg /about/IMG_1811.jpg
In Berlin

Taken by Semeli Danielidi
/about/DSC_0494.jpg /about/DSC_0494.jpg
Hanging out in Warsaw with Malwine and Chastell

Taken by Malwine
/about/DSC_3953.jpg /about/DSC_3953.jpg

Taken by Malwine
/about/DSC_6064.jpg /about/DSC_6064.jpg

Taken by Malwine


Enough about me, let's see some pictures!

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