who dis?

Hi, my name is José Albornoz. I like photography and programming. Welcome to my photography blog.

Grew up in Chile, but now I'm living in Canada.
Among other things, I like travelling and documenting stories through photography.

Since I'm typically the one taking pictures, I thought this would be an appropriate place for pictures of me.

Somewhere in Tokyo Somewhere in Tokyo
Somewhere in Tokyo

Taken by Thomas Wang
Berlin Berlin
For Eurucamp

Taken by Dajana Gunther
Con el Pipe Con el Pipe
Con el Pipe
Picture with my brother

Taken by Florencia Rodriguez
Essen Essen
The city was so boring!

Taken by Semeli Danielidi
Peru Peru
Con Leo

Taken by José Albornoz
Space Space
In San Pedro de Atacama. Single exposure.

Taken by José Albornoz
Selfie! Selfie!
In Lily's eye

Taken by José Albornoz
Ringbahn Ringbahn
Sometimes less is more

Taken by Malwine
Hase Hase
In Berlin

Taken by Semeli Danielidi
Colorful Day Colorful Day
Colorful Day
Hanging out in Warsaw with Malwine and Chastell

Taken by Malwine
Berlin Berlin

Taken by Malwine
Chaos Communication Camp Chaos Communication Camp
Chaos Communication Camp

Taken by Malwine


Enough about me, let's see some pictures!

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