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One of the nice things about Ottawa is that it has the NCC, a “crown corporation” in charge of making the city look nice.

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Warsaw: 2019

This was a rather sudden trip to Warsaw, probably around 48 hours. Hopped on a very-delayed train on Sunday from Berlin Hauptbahnhof and came back Tuesday at 6am. Got to catch up with my friend Chastell and explore more of this special city.

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Berlin: 2019

Friday was my birthday, so on Monday night I bought a plane ticket to Berlin.
It was great to meet old friends and re-explore my favourite city in the world.

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Amsterdam: 2019

For one reason or another I always end up visiting Amsterdam during November, which makes for a rather gloomy atmosphere. I’ve seen the city during peak summer season and I’ll admit it’s nice when there aren’t that many tourists.

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Hawaii: Mountain

It’s expected to see many mountains in Hawaii, but when combined with the clouds, you get magnificent landscapes. All these photos were taken in Maui.

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Hawaii: Sunsets

I’m a sucker for sunsets. Growing up in Chile I got used to the sunsets you’d see by the pacific ocean. Combined with the mountains and cloudy atmosphere led to dream-like views.

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Hawaii: Cityscapes

Urban Hawaii has this time-capsule kind of feel, trapped in this 60s heyday vibes. You can feel Elvis in the air.

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Atacama: Travel

Last part of my series on the Atacama Desert, this one encompasses the feelings of traveling through the north, seeing different landscapes, and doing a bit of touristing myself. Seeing Geysers was quite impressive, but the sheer calm of these lonely sunsets takes you to a special quiet mindspace.

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