Hello Stories: Hello Lily

Hello World!
Since Flickr changed I’ve been unable to find a photo hosting solution that allows me to express my photography in a way that makes sense to me.
That’s why I ended up creating my own system, and decided to call it Stories.

I thought it’d be great to start with some pictures of my new cat, Lily Burger.
I adopted Lily in January this year, right after arriving from holidays in Europe.

Lily’s always chilling at home, and she likes pictures, so she’s the perfect model to trying out different cameras, lenses and techniques.

Without further ado, welcome to Stories.

/hello_lily/DSC_6353.jpg /hello_lily/DSC_6353.jpg
You can see her wearing a fitness tracker.
/hello_lily/DSC_6604.jpg /hello_lily/DSC_6604.jpg
Typical Lily just chillin out. Taken using Lensbaby.
/hello_lily/DSC_6621.jpg /hello_lily/DSC_6621.jpg
Whenever there's loud noises Lily gets very shy.
/hello_lily/DSC_6648.jpg /hello_lily/DSC_6648.jpg
/hello_lily/DSC_6670.jpg /hello_lily/DSC_6670.jpg
/hello_lily/DSC_6807.jpg /hello_lily/DSC_6807.jpg
Lily playing with Pino el Puercoespino (Pine the Porcupine)
/hello_lily/DSC_7078.jpg /hello_lily/DSC_7078.jpg
I took this with a Nikkor 105mm f/2.8
/hello_lily/DSCF0509.jpg /hello_lily/DSCF0509.jpg
Typical Lily
/hello_lily/IMG_20170409_125432_250.jpg /hello_lily/IMG_20170409_125432_250.jpg
Curious lily

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