Japan: Miyajima

I recently had the opportunity of visiting Japan (for the first time!). I was really awed by the traditions and culture that are present all over Japan.

Photography was an important part of this trip. That’s why I decided to start by sharing the pictures I took in the Miyajima Island.

Besides free-roaming deer in the whole island, there’s many shrines and temples. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

All this pictures were taken with a Fuji X-T20.

/japan_miyajima/DSCF1803.jpg /japan_miyajima/DSCF1803.jpg
/japan_miyajima/DSCF1752.jpg /japan_miyajima/DSCF1752.jpg
they're free to go wherever they want
/japan_miyajima/DSCF1754.jpg /japan_miyajima/DSCF1754.jpg
/japan_miyajima/DSCF1761.jpg /japan_miyajima/DSCF1761.jpg
/japan_miyajima/DSCF1768.jpg /japan_miyajima/DSCF1768.jpg
UNESCO World Heritage Site
/japan_miyajima/DSCF1777.jpg /japan_miyajima/DSCF1777.jpg
/japan_miyajima/DSCF1806.jpg /japan_miyajima/DSCF1806.jpg
/japan_miyajima/DSCF1822.jpg /japan_miyajima/DSCF1822.jpg
/japan_miyajima/DSCF1827.jpg /japan_miyajima/DSCF1827.jpg
/japan_miyajima/DSCF1729.jpg /japan_miyajima/DSCF1729.jpg

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